About Digiphi

Digiphi was founded based on happiness as the core value. Working with Digiphi means adding value to your business, instantly.

With our many years of experience and in depth knowledge of the Salesforce platform we’ll make your project a grand success. We take on (very) challenging projects, as well as out of the box implementations.

With our broad scope and energetic approach we’ve got you covered: from Admin to Architect!

Meet our team

Zoran Subotić

Zoran is not only fluent in Dutch, Croatian and English, but also in Apex, HTML and JavaScript. Next to that he is an amazing Salesforce Architect, Consultant, and Dev Guru.

Puneet Sardana

Currently Puneet’s favorite number is 22. Why, because he is 22x Certified Salesforce Professional. Development and Technical Architect tasks are his thing and he will make your org a masterpiece.

Sjoerd Woltjer

If you are looking for somebody that not only is a Salesforce Architect and Consultant but can also tell you the difference between Surrealism and Impressionism, look no further, meet Sjoerd.

Dana Zandaki

Ambition, knowledge, and friendliness are terms that only begin to describe Dana. Dana is the newest addition to the team and works as a Consultant.

Next Steps…

Are you as interested in working with us as we are in working with you? Leave your contact details on the form and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can.