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The integration of multiple electronic systems is always a challenge. The Digiphi team is here to co-create a plan and assist in the integration of your company’s legacy systems and the Salesforce platform. The experienced team members at Digiphi have all the required expertise to make it a one-stop solution for your Salesforce integration needs.

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Use Cases

Digiphi aids in formatting the use case and posing the right questions with regards to the project. In the use case deadlines are set, security issues are highlighted, data characteristics and patterns are selected and the integration protocol is picked for the situation.


Admin/ Maintenance Services

At Digiphi, a systems integration does not simply stop after the project is completed. Digiphi team members will support the organization at the moment the solution goes live and are available to provide Admin/Maintenance services if necessary.



Digiphi aims to clarify comprehensive projects and thus a correct administration is a prerequisite. Members of the Digiphi team will assist in formulating a documentation strategy in which the who, what, where and why are clearly arranged.

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Every integration faces its own unique challenges and corresponding actionable items. Digiphi will assist your organization in formatting the Use Case, the corresponding Documentation and Administrative Services. Scrum is used to ensure a smooth process over the course of the project. The plans thus differ per organization, in order to arrive at a quote for your project, we’d love to get in touch.

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